Monday, November 9, 2009

Saving a Relationship Despite Relationship Conflict (Relationship Psychology: Do Men and Women Deal with Conflict Differently?)

Are you working on saving a relationship that suffers from relationship conflict?  It might actually help you to understand the complex relationship psychology behind how conflict affects men differently than women.

Relationship conflicts in the form of arguments, disagreements and fighting can take you and your partner to the point where you have to figure out how to end the conflicts in order to save the relationship.  The most difficult obstacle to overcome when dealing with relationship conflict often becomes how you and your partner actually deal with conflict in the first place.

This is why it is often recommended that people see a couple's counselor or marriage therapist in order to help resolve some of the misunderstandings that can arise when two people react to conflict in such different ways.

How Do Men Deal with Conflict in a Relationship?

Men tend to react more strongly and more noticeably to relationship conflict.  They often experience anxiety as a result of conflict in their relationships.  This can often lead to erratic behavior as men tend not to talk out the things that are bothering them.

While they have the desire to eliminate the relationship conflict, they tend not to take action and instead assume a passive role in conflict resolution.  Because of this, men who have partners that are more secure and collected tend to experience less anxiety in the face of relationship conflict.

How Do Women Deal with Conflict in a Relationship?

Women are much more likely to talk about the conflict at hand rather than keep it inside.  When women experience relationship conflict, they generally take the initiative to start and guide conversations with their partners in an attempt to get to the root of the conflict and resolve it.  Although men experience more anxiety, women ironically are the ones who wish to get the conflict over with more quickly and therefore take the actions to resolve it.

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