Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

If you've recently gone through a breakup and are wondering to yourself, "Can I get my ex girlfriend back," then you need to be realistic and ask yourself some serious questions.

If you truly think there's a chance you can get her back, then the breakup must not have been so devastating that it can't be saved.  Now you're just hoping that she feels the same way.

If you caused her any pain during the breakup, then it's time for apologies.  Tell her you're sorry.  Be sincere and honest with her.  That's the best first step you can take towards getting her back.  Swallow your pride if you want your ex girlfriend back for good.

Can I Show My Sensitive Side to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?

While there is no formula for getting your ex girlfriend back, you have a much better chance if you show her that you miss her and tell her how sorry you are.  Watch her closely and change your actions based on how she reacts to the different techniques you try.  Don't give up.

Try to show her that you're capable of giving her what she wants.  If you give her flowers and you can see that it frustrates her, consider her situation.  Flowers are easy.  Maybe you can try something a little more personal.  Buy a blank card with an image that says something to her and then write your own words in it.  Don't worry about it sounding good, just speak from the heart and express whatever you feel towards her.

Rather than buying her flowers, try picking flowers yourself and arranging a small bouquet.  This really shows you care and that she's worth everything to you.  Again, be patient.  Mending a broken relationship and getting your ex girlfriend back takes time and healing.  It won't happen overnight so don't expect it to and don't give up if it doesn't.

Can I Date Other Women to Try to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?

This is very very tricky.  On the one hand, just a pinch of jealousy can help make your ex girlfriend wish she was the one on the date with you.  But on the other hand, go too far and your girlfriend will either think you've moved on entirely or she'll simply resent you so much she won't even want to get back together with you.

This is one tactic you really have to gauge for yourself based on your relationship and what you know about her.  If you think there's a chance it could backfire, then it's not worth trying at all.  Undoing damage is much harder than simply avoiding it altogether.

If My Ex Girlfriend Has a New Boyfriend, Can I Still Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?

This can feel like the most hopeless situation of all, but don't give up.  If you can show your ex girlfriend that she'd be happier if she was with you, then you have a great chance of getting her back.

Be as thoughtful as you can be with her.  If it seems like she's simply moved on from you, send her a friendly card just wishing her a nice day or a great week.  Expect nothing and show that you expect nothing in return.  The thoughtful gesture will really impress her and show her how much you care.

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