Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get an Ex Girlfriend Back With a Successful Battle Plan

If you want to get an ex girlfriend back, you're going to have to fight for her.  It's a fact.  And to win the fight, you're going to need a successful battle plan.

Here's a quick story to get you thinking about what fighting for a girl really means.

Take Mark.

Mark wanted to get his ex girlfriend back.  Mark served his country in Iraq and knew a thing or two about battle plans.  So, he decided to plan and execute a battle plan to get his ex girlfriend back.

Mark's ex girlfriend, Jenn had broken up with him because she had met somebody else.  She met a poet, and although Mark knew Jenn had an artistic streak herself, he also knew this poet wasn't going to ultimately make Jenn happy.  The poet wasn't the kind of man Mark was.

So, Mark set his battle plan in motion in order to get his ex girlfriend back.  This battle plan had three approaches.

The first thing he did was to clean himself up.  He let his buzz cut grow slightly until he had a short and stylish haircut.  He started reading some of the books, listening to some of the music, and seeing some of the films he knew Jenn liked and had always talked about.  He knew that if he wanted to get his ex girlfriend back, he would have to present himself as the kind of boyfriend she really wanted.

Next, Mark wanted to show Jenn that he was an attractive virile man, that he was a real catch.  So, he called up Erica, a friend of Jenn's, and asked her if she'd like to go to dinner with him as a casual and fun date.  When Erica agreed, Mark sent a quick text to Jenn asking her where she thought Sarah might like to go for a dinner date.

Jenn called Mark immediately to ask him why he was taking Erica out.  He simply explained that they were broken up and he was moving on, and since he always thought Erica was interesting and sweet, he decided it'd be cool to get to know her.  He then told Jenn that if she had any objections, that she should reconsider the breakup.

Jenn, of course, slammed down the phone.  This is what Mark expected, and it was what he wanted.  He had successfully planted in Jenn's mind the idea that he was desirable to women.  This was all part of his battle plan to get his ex girlfriend back.

The last part of Mark's battle plan to get his ex girlfriend back was to use his date with Erica to channel information back to Jenn.  He brought her a single red rose when he showed up to pick her up.  He took her to a nice restaurant that he knew Jenn would enjoy.  And on his date with her, he talked about the books and music and films he'd been taking in recently.

When Mark dropped Erica off, he gave her a hug and a simple kiss on the cheek to say goodnight.  The next day, he had a small bouquet of flowers sent to her with a card that said, "I had a really great time.  I hope you did too."

Erica then called up Jenn immediately wanting to know why on earth she'd ever broken up with such a great guy.

Meanwhile, Jenn and her poet were fizzling out.  The initial spark in their relationship had died down and now Jenn found herself missing Mark like mad.

Jenn called Mark a couple of days after his date with Erica wanting to know if they could try starting their relationship up again.

And that...

...is how you get an ex girlfriend back.

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