Monday, November 2, 2009

Relationship Rescue! 3 Steps that Work To Save Your Relationship

If you're looking for relationship rescue, then it's time to look closely at your marriage or your relationship and figure out a way to keep it alive and save your relationship for good.

There are tons of books you can read or advice you can get and even therapists or counselors that can talk on and on at you, but in the end, the words will be the same.  And little action will be taken.

Here's what you can do for real relationship rescue.

1.  Find a Way to Compromise

First of all, you need to be completely honest with each other and be willing to accept one another.  If you really want to save your relationship, then you have to work on accepting the beauty and the flaws in one another.  That's all of them.

Nobody's perfect.  You need to learn to accept that and move on.

Many people pinpoint the flaws in their spouse or partner and place all the blame of the relationship problems on that flaw.  Even though it's hard and it takes work to truly save your relationship, you need to learn to own up to the fact that any issues or problems in your relationship are shared.

Take ownership of your own flaws and accept that your partner or spouse is also flawed.  Then turn it all around and focus on what characteristics can be changed in order to better accommodate each other.

If you want your partner or spouse to change, then you better be willing to be open to working on changing yourself as well.  Have an open mind, and they will likely follow.

Real love always requires compromise.  Be willing to bend your will and make some sacrifices to make the relationship work.  Real relationship rescue means looking deeply at yourself and finding out how to make yourselves more compatible.

2.  Shift Your Perspective

Another important leap you'll need to take is to change your perspective.  Sometimes when your relationship is going through a shaky patch, you have trouble seeing things clearly.  Often times the smallest things get blown way out of proportion.

Look closely at your relationship problems and try to see them from every possible angle.  Imagine how things can be different but don't forget to be thankful for your blessings.  For example, if you feel your spouse or partner works too much and this is straining your relationship, imagine what it'd be like if they lost their job entirely.

Imagine if they didn't have the drive and ambition to work at all.  Imagine if they didn't respect your wishes to work as much or as little as you yourself do.  Try to see every situation for what it really is and try to see if there's a good reason for the way things are.

3.  Come to an Agreement and Move On

Talk things through until you come to some agreement or settlement.  Then, simply move on.  Do not dwell and don't hold on to grudges.  Once you deal with something adequately, then let it go.  Don't allow yourselves to waste precious energy arguing over things that happened in the past.  There is never any sense in fighting the same battles more than once.

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