Saturday, November 7, 2009

4 Secret Tips for Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back and Save Your Relationship

Going through a breakup is tough, so it's perfectly naturally if you find yourself looking for tips on ways to get your ex boyfriend back and save your relationship.  If you know in your heart of hearts that there is still love between you and you do belong together, then try these 4 secret tips for ways to get your ex boyfriend back and truly save the relationship.

1.  Give Yourself Time to Grieve

Surviving a breakup is no easy task, and the first thing you need to do to eventually work towards getting your ex boyfriend back and saving your relationship is allowing yourself to go through the process of mourning and grieving.  This stage is perfectly normal, natural and even healthy.  Allowing yourself to go through this process will only help make you stronger when you've finally recovered.

After your breakup, surround yourself with supportive friends and family that you can lean on.  Even though it's hard, put as much effort as you can into taking care of yourself.  Keep up a healthy diet and maintain whatever exercise routine you have.  Breaking up is a painful process, but you will be proud of yourself when you can look back and see how well you survived it.

2.  Figure out What Went Wrong in the Relationship

Take however long you need to get yourself together before you move past the mourning stage after your relationship ends.  Now it's time to think about what it is that might have caused the breakup and the reasons your relationship struggled.

Ask yourself what it is that he did and what it is that you did that might have ultimately led to the breakup.  Remember that a relationship consists of two people.  No one person is to blame here.  Try to pinpoint the root problems that need to be solved in order for the relationship to be saved.  There is no way to save the relationship if you don't know what it is that was wrong with it.

3.  Set Up a Plan to Solve the Key Relationship Problems

After identifying the main problems in your relationship, you will need to set up a plan of action for actually solving your relationship issues.  There are several things that could happen at this stage in getting back your ex boyfriend and saving your relationship.

In some cases, there are things that you will need to change.  Perhaps there is something that you were doing that was not bringing out the best in your ex boyfriend.  If that is the case, you will need to figure out how you can adapt to him.  Do not accept bad behavior on his part, but be forgiving of his personal characteristics.  Everybody has flaws, including you and including your boyfriend.  If you disagree over something in your relationship, you need to figure out a civil way to compromise.

4.  Play to Your Ex Boyfriend's Ego

If you think you're the only one hurting from this breakup, think again.  Your ex boyfriend most likely has a bigger ego than you, and that means the breakup is painful for him whether he admits it or not.  No matter whose fault he perceives the breakup to be, it is nevertheless a failure in one way or another.

Guys do not like to fail.  It hurts their pride, tarnishes their ego and suppresses their confidence.  But you can actually use this fact to help you get your ex boyfriend back and save your relationship.  Simply apologizing for anything you think you may have done wrong in the relationship will go a long way to lift some of the blame from him, helping restore his pride.

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