Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Can I Save My Relationship The Right Way?

Are you wondering to yourself, "How can I save my relationship the right way?"

Know that just because your relationship is on the rocks doesn't mean that it has to end.  Here are some helpful tips to answer the question, 'How can I save my relationship the right way?"

1.  Convince Him You're Worth It

The first and most important thing you need to do is show your partner that you're important to them and that you're worth fighting for.  Saving a relationship is hard work and for it to be worth it, there has to be substance there.  Saving your relationship the right way means it's a worthy relationship to begin with.  It's your job to show your partner that they do not want to lose you.

2.  Be a Good Friend

Step back from the romantic aspect of your relationship and remember that your partner should be your friend.  Provide support and show them that you understand their feelings and care about them.  Try to be relaxed and even lighthearted about the situation even if it hurts.  Make sure your partner knows that you're not holding any grudges and that there are no hard feelings between you.  Saving the relationship the right way means forming a solid foundation based on a strong friendship before anything else.  Then you move onto redeveloping your relationship.

3.  Reel Your Partner In

This is the tricky part.  Without acting desperate, but without acting pompous, you want to try to make yourself alluring and mysterious.  Communication here is vital - and not just your words, but your body language and what you don't say as well.  Don't let your partner think they have you in the palm of their hand but you also don't want to play so hard to get that you put them off.

4.  Play it Cool

Show your partner that you are a strong and collected person.  Don't act frantic and desperate or destroyed and depressed.  Make sure your partner knows that you're capable of handling situations like these and that you're strong enough to work on the next steps towards healing the relationship especially since you have a strong friendship between you.

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