Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to How to Save a Relationship

Is your relationship on the rocks? Or have you just gone through a breakup?

Don't worry, you're not alone. You need to know that you are among millions fighting the same battle. Remember that just because your relationship is failing or even if it's ended, that does not mean that it cannot be saved.

Did you know that over 90% of all breakups can be reversed?  And even the most extreme relationship issues can be resolved.  That is if you know the specific steps you need to take.

Don't give it any more time to deteriorate further.  Don't let the love of your life drift any further away from you.  If you arm yourself with a solid action plan now, you can save your relationship before it's too late.

For couples everywhere who are struggling through various relationship issues as well as people who want to get their ex back and bring back the love between them, here are reviews of three of the top guides available online, written by accomplished relationship and marriage experts and designed to arm you with the strategies that are guaranteed to save any relationship.

#1  The Magic of Making Up

T.W. Jackson's formula for stopping or reversing breakups and restoring loving relationships is currently taking the internet by storm, and for good reason.  This system provides a fool-proof step-by-step method that has already helped thousands.

This guide is extremely thorough and cuts through the fluff that is often found in other materials. Its to-the-point, down-to earth style makes it easy for  anybody to follow, which is likely why there are so many positive testimonials about this system.  The Magic of Making Up system shows you exactly how to win back an ex after a break up or how to resolve even the toughest relationship issues by arming you with the following:
  • How to identify the root issues causing the tension between you
  • How to devise and set into action a step-by-step plan to overcome these core issues
  • How to identify the traits of a perfect relationship and make your relationship thrive
We enjoyed the writing style because the author's sense of humor and positive attitude helps to keep you motivated through the process of dealing with the complicated problem at hand.  Sometimes a bit of optimism is just what you need. ...find out more


#2  Bring Back the Love of Your Life

This guide shows exactly how to get an ex back or stop your breakup and revive your thriving and loving relationship through a proven 4-step system that gives permanent results. C. Pemo's methods and ideas are comprehensive but easy to comprehend and put into action

The Bring Back the Love of Your Life system includes 7 free bonus downloads as well as membership access to a private relationship coaching program that helps you target and resolve specific issues in your relationship. ...find out more


#3  Counsellor in a Box

This system aims to provide a "step-by-step roadmap to relationship mastery" through tactics and techniques that can help win your ex back and save your relationship.  This is our third recommended resource because while it provides an excellent program, we didn't care for the gimmicky-sounding language.

However, Counsellor in a Box includes one of the best free offers available online: a 1-hour personal one-on-one coaching consultation by phone or skype plus 5 email consultations to help work out specific issues in your relationship. ...find out more


Why Do We Offer Free Advice?

How to Save a Relationship was created because like many, when we went in search of advice online for resolving relationship problems, we simply couldn't find any. We wanted quality advice that is easy to understand and implement. So, we put together all of our resources and created this site in hopes of providing the kind of information we once sought out. It is filled with articles containing advice to help understand the "why" and help lead through the "how". Here you will find the latest information to help save your relationship and live a happy and fulfilled life together.

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