Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can You and Your Ex Really Get Back Together?

If you've recently gone through a breakup, you might have asked yourself can you and your ex really get back together.

The truth is, you'll need to really search within yourself for the honest answer to that question.  Take some time to truly decide if you and your ex really get back together, you'll both be happier and stronger for it.

Try to look ahead to the future and imagine if you'll still be happy together or if you are destined to hit the same rough patch that led to the breakup in the first place.  Be as objective as you can and consider both the pros and cons of your relationship.

Most relationships are actually worth saving.  If there's any form of abuse or if in your relationship you spent more time fighting than having fun, then it wasn't healthy and you need to focus your efforts on moving on.

If, however, your relationship on a whole was a good one, then I hope the following helps you and your ex get back together.

First of all, avoid pushing your ex.  Don't pester and don't obsess.  This will only push them further away.  The best thing you can do is give your ex some time and space.  This is good for them and for you.  A breakup is tough.  And spending some time apart will give you both a chance to sort your heads out and see things more clearly.

You might feel desperate at first, but the feelings you're experiencing will pass with time.  Remember that the past is the past and this time apart is your time to get ready to move forward with the relationship.  Don't beat yourself up over whatever happened to cause the breakup.  If the relationship is truly worth saving, then you and your ex can get back together, and you will.

It's time to concentrate on the present.  Live your life while you wait for both of you to become stronger and ready to take on the next step.  Getting your life back in order and taking good care of yourself is actually one of the most attractive things you can do.  People are drawn to strong and confident people, so when your ex sees that you are living your life, they will begin to miss the person they once fell in love with.

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