Monday, October 5, 2009

Is Saving A Relationship Even Worth It?

It's normal for a relationship to go through its hard times, but if you feel like you've been fighting to save your relationship forever, then you might be asking yourself, "Is saving a relationship even worth it?"

Perhaps you've already sought out counseling or therapy and you're still having problems.  Maybe you've sought out help in other forms but you still seem to be experiencing the same old problems.

There are certain things you need to give some serious thought if you really want to figure out if saving your relationship is actually worth it.

If you're thinking about separating or getting a divorce, then you might need to seek out some serious relationship advice.  Saving your relationship is a huge decision to make and it's going to take a lot of time and effort.  If the relationship is not really there, then this can be extremely frustrating.

Ask Yourself Serious Questions to Find Out If Your Relationship is Worth Saving

Who do you most love spending time with?  If you made a list of the people you most enjoy hanging out with, is your spouse or partner on the list?  Do you take time to just enjoy each other's company?  Are you happy just to be near them?  In a good relationship, the answer to all these questions is yes.

Does your spouse or partner make you feel understood?  Do you feel like you are being listened to?  Do you feel like you always have someone to turn to?  Do you feel like they "get" you even when you don't say it out loud?  Again, the answer here should be yes.

Does your relationship make you feel comforted?  If you're going through something difficult, does your relationship provide a level of comfort and stability to you?  A good relationship means you aren't constantly looking elsewhere for comfort.

Do you trust your partner or spouse and do they trust you?  If fidelity and faithfulness is at all an issue in your relationship, you need to address it seriously.  If you have issues with trust, then you may need to see marriage counseling or therapy.

The decision to save your relationship is not to be taken lightly and you need to put some serious thought into whether you think it's worth it.

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