Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can You Save Your Relationship When You're Heartbroken?

A failing relationship can leave you feeling heartbroken and wondering if you can save your relationship.

Be Cordial

Although it seems obvious, it's important to be reminded that you should act nice and civilized even if you have the impulse to lash out or to grovel.  Acting unpleasant will only remind your partner of the reasons you disagree with each other and will not help to save the relationship.

Can I Save My Relationship If My Partner is Seeing Someone Else?

Although this is extremely tough, it is possible.  Be friendly and act calm and collected.  Help show your partner what it is they're missing and why they fell in love with you in the first place.  Remind them of all the great times you had together.

Can I Trick My Partner Into Saving Our Relationship?

It is very unlikely that using deception will help save your relationship.  This tactic is likely to backfire at some point in the future.  Many people try to make their partners jealous by dating other people and flaunting that in their faces hoping they will beg them to come back but in the end it only hurts their feelings.

Be Honest and Open

The better route is simply to open up communication with your partner and be honest about what you want from the relationship.  Share your fears but also show the hope you have that the relationship can be saved.

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