Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Separation Good for Marriage? The Answer that Can Save Your Relationship

Is separation good for marriage?

The answer to this question is much simpler than you think. That’s not to say that making the decision and taking the necessary steps is easy. If your marriage is slightly rocky right now, then it’s perfectly natural to feel scared or anxious about the notion of separation. This is true whether your spouse is the one who brought it up or if you’ve been the one wondering, “Is separation good for the marriage?”

The prospect of separation can be overwhelming because of all that’s at stake in a marriage. Couples often worried about children involved, but there are other investments both material and emotional such as houses, cars, mutual friends and in-laws that all play a part in deciding if a separation is the right answer for a struggling marriage.

Many people worry that if a couple separates, that there’s no chance for saving the marriage in the future. The truth is, it’s exactly opposite. Separation most often results in a stronger and more stable relationship than ever.

Why is separation good for marriage?

The answer to this is surprisingly logical. A separation simply means having some time apart. Right now, there is conflict in your marriage. There’s that looming feeling of anxiety or stress because you don’t have the ability or opportunity to get away and make sense of it all in your mind.

Being in constant contact only serves to intensify any issues or problems between you. Separation allows you to relax and think about the real issues at hand in a calm and clear manner. And in this time you spend apart sorting it all out, the hidden benefit of separation that will save your marriage will come.

You will start to miss each other.

Time apart gives you the gift of perspective. You’ll both be able to see again why it is you fell in love in the first place. The time away from each other will help you both realize that you don’t want to live without each other. And it is at this moment that you’ll appreciate how much you mean to one another.

So, is separation good for marriage? Absolutely.


It must be done right to avoid any further damage to the relationship. Drifting apart is a natural turn for a marriage to take. But there are steps you can take that will help get your marriage back to what it was. The right plan can help set the foundation for reconciliation and ultimately saving your marriage.

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