Thursday, October 1, 2009

7 Simple Steps to Marriage Separation Reconciliation

If your marriage is on the rocks at the moment, don’t worry because it can be mended simply by following some vital steps to marriage separation reconciliation. Every marriage is different, but there is an answer for every troubled relationship. Even yours. Give this guide some thought and then set out a plan in action that works for your specific circumstances.

The steps to marriage separation reconciliation include the following:

1.  Set Some Guidelines

Think about how long you two should spend apart. Talk about how much communication there should be between the two of you. Discuss who to involve in the separation. Should your friends and relatives be involved in the process?

2.  Stay Strong and Steadfast

Once you’ve set your marriage separation guidelines together and begun the separation, it’s important to stick to your plans no matter how hard it gets. Separation is difficult. But you can get through it. Remember that the light at the end of the tunnel is reconciliation.

3.  Be Open to Change

Spending time apart is as much about you as an individual as it is the relation between you. Open yourself up to changing those things about yourself that you know could use some work. You might just inspire your spouse to do the same.

4.  Clear Your Mind

When there’s conflict in your marriage, it’s almost impossible to see things clearly. You often do or say things you don’t even mean simply because of all the tension in the air. That’s what marriage separation is for. It’s an opportunity to clear your mind and sort through the issues in the marriage that are the root cause of your problems.

5.  Enjoy Yourself

I bet you didn’t expect to see that on a list of steps to marriage separation reconciliation, did you? But it’s important. Many people lock themselves away and grieve or mourn during a separation. But what will actually do more for your marriage than anything is getting out and finding the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself and refocus your efforts on reconciling your marriage.

6.  Keep the Kids in Mind

If you have children, make sure to involve them in the process. Let them know that they have nothing to do with the separation and that nothing will ever change your relationship with them. Show them that there is nothing to worry about and that the separation is just a healthy treatment for a problem in a relationship, like medicine for a cough.

7.  Seek Help and Resources
Separation is hard. And nobody should have to do it alone. Whether you have the ability and opportunity to see a counselor, or you simply want the advice of experts online, you will have a much more successful separation if you find support.

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