Friday, October 2, 2009

4 Tips on How to Save a Bipolar Relationship

If you're looking for tips on how to save a bipolar relationship, then you know how difficult it is to deal with the love of your life suffering from bipolar disorder.

Not only is it extremely difficult watching the mood swings come and go against their will, but you constantly deal with the guilt of having mixed feelings about your relationship. There are many relationships that have ended because the stress wears so hard on both partners as well as the relationship itself.

Bipolar disorder can make your partner make you feel like everything you try to save the relationship is not enough and that it's just wasted effort because nothing will ever help them.

But it isn't. And you do help them.

The very fact that you're still by their side means more to them than they'll ever let on. Even when they push you away and make it really hard for you to stick by them, they really do appreciate when you push right through the walls they put up and show that you care that much about them. They do want you to be with them and help in any way you can.

Here are 4 helpful tips on how to save a bipolar relationship:

1. Educate Yourself on Bipolar Disorder

Try to understand as well as you can just what it is your bipolar partner is going through. Try to find out what it is that causes the disorder and what is being done to help people suffering from it.

2. Put Yourself First

Being in a bipolar relationship is extremely trying. If you want to be of help to your partner, then you need to be in excellent physical and mental health. Take very good care of yourself because you'll be of no use to them if you let the stress wear you down. If the weight of it all becomes unbearable, then take a step back and give yourself whatever it is you need to stay strong.

3. Don't Do This Alone

Many people in bipolar relationships seek counseling to help them through the special issues you might face. The reason so many bipolar relationships fail is because people try to keep it alive all by themselves. This is extremely difficult if not impossible, and there's nothing shameful about seeking the help of a counselor or the guidance of a book or even online materials.

4. Do Not Give Up

Keep a positive attitude and never give up the hope that you will help them overcome and live happily with their bipolar disorder. Always remind yourself that the effort you are making matters and that it's worth it. With a strong foundation and a strong will, you can save your bipolar relationship.

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